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Metropcs Customer Service USA:
MetroPCS, one of the topmost telecommunication companies in the US was founded in 1994. The prepaid wireless service of the company is owned by T-Mobile. It offers nationwide Talk, Text and Data using T-Mobile USA’s GSM, 4G LTE, HSPA and HSPA+ networks. The headquarters of the MetroPCS is in Texas, Richardson, US and serves the United States.

To maintain low operating expenses, MetroPCS has outsourced its customer contact center services through a partnership with Telvista (a call center outsourcer). Besides, MetroPCS  employs about 3,700 workers for a whopping 9.3 million customers, and this service provider contracts out most of its work, and this is clearly MetroPCS  is not a company that desires to grow its workforce, and is a company that cares about employee's rights on the job.


Metropcs Customer Service Phone Number : +1 888-863-8768

For families, it provides family plans that take $5 off the price of the monthly service for each phone. Aldo, family members can select their own plans from the $40, $50 or $60 options, so if you need only one unlimited data, then only one of you need to pay for it. In addition to this, if there are 4 members in the family, then signing up for a shared plan would cut $20 from your combined bill / month. If you each only need 1GB of data, then MetroPCS has a special four-line offer for just $100 every month. 
Apart from this, the social media pages of the company are also helpful as you get to contact metro PCs customer service use agents and get quick feedback. Also, you also get to find both old and new posts as well as other trending issues that can be of huge help. So, you can follow Facebook page is MetroPCS and MetroPCS Twitter page @MetroSupport. For other social media sites such as YouTube, visit, Instagram- and

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