Amazon Customer Service Phone Number Canada, Customer Support customer service phone number / Amazon customer service contact number:

Online shopping giant Amazon has started separate online shopping website for lots of different countries. is the one for shoppers who are from Canada. Canadian shoppers can find books, video games, household and office stuff, clothes, gardening tools and electronic products, healthcare and beauty related items and much more on the Amazon Canada website. pays a lot of attention in providing satisfactory service to its users. The company makes sure the items ordered are delivered on time in proper conditions. If the user is not content with the product they have clear return policies so that user's experience could be as hassle free as possible. For this reason, they also have customer care services where people can register their issues via email or over the phone. 
Amazon Canada's Customer Service Phone Number And Email

Just in case, a user wants to talk to customer service support associates for any kind of complaint or grievance, there is  a customer service contact number for the same. customer service phone number is: 1-877-586-3230 

This customer service contact number is a toll free number. Users can call on this number and talk to the support associates about their problems and inquiries. Other than this helpline number, they also have an International customer service phone number too. The only thing about this is that it is not toll-free and you may have to pay charges for it.

AMAZON International customer service contact number is: 1-206-266-2882

These helplines are available for 24X7 which means that you can call them anytime seven days of the week. However, this should be noted that when you call on one of these two numbers, you will be expected to answer few questions so that your identity can be verified. Other than that you can email them your inquiries and complaints via customer service email.