BB&T Customer Service Number, BB&T Bank Customer Support

BB&T Customer Service Number:
BB&T Customer Service Number, BB&T Bank Customer Support

BB&T Corporation stands for Branch Banking and Trust Corporation and it is headquartered in Winston-Salem in North Carolina. This historical company was founded in 1872. Now BB&T offers services in more than 1000 centers in 15 states. It is one of the biggest and largest companies of United States which are holding financial services.
BB&T offers to its clients a wide and complete range of services and products in different financial sectors such as commercial banking, securities brokerage, mortgage etc.
BB&T believes in the philosophy of progressive change without giving up the high values. BB&T has tried to make long-lasting and great relationships with its clients and customers. 
Branch Banking and Trust has laid out several options for its clients to choose from for the addressing of their complaints, questions, and concerns. They have physical branches where customers can visit and talk to the representatives in person. In addition to it, customers can also login to their account online and send a secure message through email. 

Customers can also talk to the associates over the phone by making use of the customer service phone number provide by BB&T.
BB&T Corporation Customer Service Number Information and Details:

BB&T Customer Service Number Online Banking: 1-800-226-5228 

These two phone lines are open from 6:00 am to midnight, Eastern Time. Customers are advised to call during these hours only. These lines are not toll-free, and users may have to pay charges as per their data carrier.
 Another thing that clients need to take into consideration is that they and the provider of relay service to them will have to authenticate their identity before any information can be imparted regarding their query. 

BB&T Customer Service Number International Number: 1-910-914-8250

Associates at BB&T are dedicated professionals that respond positively to customers' queries and offer quick and effective solutions. Please visit the official website of BB&T for further information. 

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