EverBank Customer Service, EverBank Customer Support Phone Number

EverBank Customer Service:
EverBank Customer Service, EverBank Customer Support Phone Number
Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, EverBank is an American financial services company. It provides several types of services like consumer banking, corporate banking, investment banking, finance and insurance, private equity, mortgage loans, wealth management, foreign currency exchange and credit cards.

EverBank operates through the mail, telephone and the internet. It was also described as one of the largest online banks in the United States by the Florida Trend magazine. EverBank had around $25.2 billion in total assets as of the year 2015. It offers many options to its customers for investing in precious metals as well as foreign currency.
When it comes to online banking, EverBank encourages questions from clients and customers. It also offers customer support service to its customers through live chat, email and telephone. Customers can use any of these three options to get their complaints, queries and concerns catered to by the support staff at the bank.
EverBank Customer Service Phone Numbers and Other Details :

Client Solution Team Phone Number: 1-888-882-3837

Alternative Phone Number:                 1-888-882-6977

International Helpline Number:           1-631-234-8815

The phone numbers mentioned above can be used to call the expert professionals at EverBank to get any kind of information related to services offered by the bank to its clients. The client solutions team comprises of dedicated representatives that give expert guidance to customers to manage their accounts well. They also answer all concerns that the customers may be having regarding the services being used by them.
The first two phone lines are accessible anytime in a day, seven days a week. The third line, however, is not open 24X7. Customers can only call from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Eastern Time; from Monday to Friday. It should be kept in mind that the international phone line is only meant for the customers who live outside of the United States of America.